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The dust control services of Morgan Linen Service provides tools for cleanliness and safety for your business. Walk-off mats, logo mats, welcome mats, dust mops, and wet mops are what you need to help keep your business safe, clean, and professional. Our mats and mops come in a variety of sizes and colors.


Our dust control products are available in the following sizes:


Walk-off Mats (colors include: slate, walnut, and burgundy)

2.5' x 3'

3' x 5'

4' x 6'

3' x 10'


Customized logo mats are made to order!


3' x 5' Comfort-Flow anti-fatigue mats

3' x 5' Rubber scraper mats


18", 24", 36", 48", and 60" Dust mops

XL Wet mops


You can say it with a logo mat! Make a customer feel welcome, promote a safe work place, or get your business logo in front of your customers. Logo mats can make a difference to your business.


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